Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum English level required to participate?man-confused-cartoon-face
Intermediate, advanced or even a rusty fluent speaker will find the conversation practiced invaluable. Only English is spoken the entire time so you need to be able to at least communicate in basic English. Our objective is to build on what you have learned in the classroom and develop your confidence, improve vocabulary and fluency while focusing on spoken English.

What is the profile of the participants?
Executives, students, professionals of all kinds, pilots, lawyers, IT people, people planning a trip outside Brazil etc. Spoken English is needed by a very diverse group of people and we see this reflected in those participating in our Travelling Classrooms.

What is the average age of participants?
90% of participants fall into the 20,30,and 40 something group. The other 10% are a bit younger or older.

Can I bring a friend or partner who can’t speak English?
No, they tend to feel excluded and break the English Only Ethic.

Can I share a hotel room with other participants?
Yes, we spend very little time at the hotel and it can really cut the cost of accommodation. We can make a reservation for you in a double room (2 single beds) or a chalet (4 single beds). Shared rooms are all male or all female. A R$75 reservation fee applies which includes transport between the bus station and hotel.