Activities and Attractions

Please check with us for the proposed schedule for the weekend of your Travelling Classroom.

Ilha Promirim or Prumirim, seems nobody can agree how you should write it!ilha-do-prumirim3

Only a 2 km boat ride from the beach. Transparent water ideal for snorkeling.
Rustic caiςara restaurant for refreshments.
Beautiful white sandy beach and an outcrop of rocks to walk along at low tide.

Prprumirim-04omirim beach and waterfallprumirim-03
Easy access to this unbelievably beautiful system of waterfalls. Two huge pools , a natural slide and  a number of waterfalls all flow into each other.
Bring your repellent!praia-do-prumirim


Cachoeira Pe da Serracachoeira-do-pe-da-serra
Easy access to this secret treasure, you probably drove right past it on your way to Ubatuba!

Praia do Cedro (or Cedrinho)
Voted one of the 10 best beaches in Brazil!






Ilha Anchietaanchieta

Now a wildlife park, but once home to the native Tamoios and a deactivated infamous prison, used to “house” Japanese immigrant non-criminals during World War 2, political prisoners and violent criminals and the scene of a bloody rebellion in 1952. Originally called Ilha de Tapira, “calm place” in Tupi, then Ilha dos Porcos by the Portuguese and finally Ilha Anchieta in honor of Padre Anchieta. The Tamoios probably got it right as it is one of the best “calm places” for boats to find refuge during a storm along the north Paulista coast. ilha-anchieta-ruinas1gBeautiful unspoiled beaches, Atlantic ilha-anchieta-praia-do-leste1gForrest a natural transparent sea-pool, prison ruins, a museum and sometimes capivaras playing on the beach are just some of the attractions.

Sunrise Bike Ride
Optional early morning bike ride along the Ubatuba seafront cycle-lane.
Bring your bike or rent one here. Best of all: it is 100% flat!


Projeto Tamar and Aquariumbarracuda
tortoiseBoth great alternatives when the weather is not so great. Finally discover the difference between a turtle and a tortoise!


Yes, it sometimes rains in “Uba-chuva” !
So, we always have a plan B ready and may need to reschedule, adapt and even cancel some planned activities.