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Hope you are all getting your Daily English Tips normally again!
Here are some answers to all the email I have been getting asking about our new site:

1. We are now sending out more than 10 000 tips each day and our old server could not handle the quantity, so we had to move. We should be ok now (at least till we reach more than 100 000 !!!) so you can tell all your friends to sign up for our daily tips again!!!

2. We are already planning our next Travelling Classroom. It will probably to Paraty in September, we have had to wait till we can send out all 10 000 invitations on our new site!!!

3. Soon we will be sending an email with subscription options for those of you that only want information about immersion events. (without the Daily Tips)

4. Yes, I will be getting up at 4am to support South Africa in the Rugby World Cup in September. Please share any Live Streaming Links as it appears NET will not cover any of the games!


Definition: to indicate by ticking, or making another mark, that you have completed or dealt with items on a list. [British] (This verb has more than one meaning)

E.g.1. I had a long list of things to do today, but I only managed to tick off half of them. E.g.2. When you’re looking for a figure that’s wrong, it helps to tick off the ones that you are sure are right.

This phrasal verb can be separated.

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