*get rid of (something)*

get rid of (something)

This will be the last Daily English Tip of 2010 as I plan to travel with family for Christmas……to the stunning beaches of Mozambique here in Africa!!!
I need to brush up on (Phrasal Verb) my Portuguese before returning to BRASI next yearL Have a good trip if you are travelling and I promise a Travelling Classroom as soon as I get back to Sao Paulo.

Definition: to remove something completely because you don’t want it or because it is unpleasant.

E.g.1: Agh! There’s a spider in the bathroom. Can you get did of it for me?.
E.g.2: I have a lot of rubbish to get rid of in my garden. Could you take it to the tip in your van?

This phrasal verb can’t be separated.

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