*fill in*

Got a lot of email with doubts on how to include or exclude emails for our Daily English Tips.

To ADD your email:

Go to www.knightsenglish.com and FILL IN your name and email under “NEWSLETTER” and click “CADASTRE-SE” . You will get an email from us to confirm it was really you asking for the Daily English Tips. After confirmation you should start getting the Tips the next day. The Tips are FREE and you can include more than one email, just repeat the process each time! Make sure you tell your friends to click the confirmation email we will send them if you include their email for them. Email me if you have any problems!

To REMOVE your email:

Just click on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any Daily English Tip and follow the instructions on the page that opens!



*fill in*

Definition: to complete a form by writing the required information in the appropriate places. (British English)
(This verb has more than one meaning)

E.g.1. When you apply for a passport, you have to fill in a form.
E.g.2. I’m afraid you haven’t filled this form in correctly. Would you like me to help you fill it in?

This phrasal verb can be separated.

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